SSI Wreck Diving

Wreck Diving

The many wrecks found on the ocean floor form a history museum for some, an attractive challenge for others. Through the SSI Wreck Diving course you learn how you can join the large group of divers exploring these factastic sites.

Wheter you dive wreck sank on purpor to create an artificial reef or boat that went down by accident, diving wrecks has its risks. The Wreck Diving course teaches you the skills you need to do this safely. Preparing for a wreck dive, Recognising possible hasards and navigating a wreck are things you absorbe during the course. Once completed you can safely scuba dive above and around these underwater treasures. You will earn the SSI Wreck Diving certification after completing this program.

The training

You need to start with the online theory, which you do at your own pace using the my.DiveSSI app. You can do this at home so there is no need to study whilst on holidays. Missed this opportunity, no worries! You can still do the theory on you mobile device whilst enjoying the our nice climate on your holiday balcony. You will do 2 open water dives.

Attention if you are in a hurry

As we adapt our schedule to your holiday availability, we handle a very flexible planning. Therefore, we do not allow short-term (to start within a couple of days) bookings online. If you have a query about starting in the next couple of days, we invite you to contact us for availabilities. You can also reach us via WhatsApp.

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Please  note your SSI Training Materials and Certification fee are not included.