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Scuba Sur Gran Canaria, simply the best center on the island.

Scuba Sur Gran Canaria is located in the Time Share Resort Anfi Del Mar. It is one of the most beautiful Resorts in Gran Canaria with a breathtaking view on the south west side of the ocean. We have an amazing white beach and the small but wonderful private marina. The Scuba Sur dive center is undoubtedly the perfect logistic to satisfy beginners, expert divers and snorkelers.
Scuba Sur has been in the business for over 25 years. We have an accident free track record. Scuba Sur is using the best equipment supplied by Mares, Cressi and Scubapro. All divers students are insured and maximum standards of safety are applied for any activity.

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Yolo-Uno Scuba Sur - located in the beautiful marina of Anfi Del Mar Scuba Sur Offices Changing Area Our mascot Scuba Sur Gran Canaria - The office Visible from far Office

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About Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria, a sea lover’s paradise, boasts year-round diving opportunities thanks to its ideal water temperatures (18° to 24°C) and perfect sea conditions. With 236 kilometers of coastline, the island offers the ultimate diving destination. Visit us in the winter when you need to escape the cold and dive into adventure.

Scuba diving in Gran Canaria

There are endless scuba diving possibilities in Gran Canaria. The island surprises visitors with the biological and ecological wealth of its marine landscape. Discover the variety and beauty of its underwater scenery originating from its volcanic origins.

The most interesting areas for diving can be found all around the Gran Canaria coastline, with many virgin coast locations.

The Scuba Sur Dive Center and school invites you for basic and advanced diving courses throughout the year. In addition you can join our daily dive trips. All equipment is provided.

On a safety note, Gran Canaria also has a decompression chamber strategically located in the north of the island.