Marine Life in Gran Canaria

Top inventory of marine life in the Canary waters

The south coast of Gran Canaria offers a great viriaty of marine life. Every diver is surprised by the abondance of life in our waters.

Over the many years we have photographed the various species many times over. Our growing catalogue is not private. As such we want to share this large treasure of the marine life with you. As we continue exploring and photographing, this list will continue to grow.

Seen the many questions we get over specific sightings, we research the details in order to identify the species. When time allows we add the details to this catalogue. As such you get some more background about what there is to see. Enjoy and discover the rich life in Gran Canaria’s southern waters.

We would like to refer to RedPROMAR, a Marine Life Observers Network in the Canaries, which is focussed on obeservations of the life in the Canary Islands. The hold one of the most complete overviews of the underwater species on the islands.