Mogan Wrecks

If you are into wreck diving, you must discover Mogan Wrecks. Two shipwrecks at a short distance fron eachother at a depth of 18 meters.

The wrecks located just in front of the beach of Mogan are a very inviting dive spot for all divers. The Yellow Submarine Company sank the wrecks, the Cermona II and the Alagranza, to increase the attraction of the submarine adventures. The wrecks are on the bottom respectively since mid 90s and early 2000. These old fishing vessels, resting at a depth of 18 meters, today provide the habitat to large shoals of barracuda and grunds. You also find sting rays, eagle rays, octopus and many more. Both wrecks are lying only 50m from each other so you can easily combine them in a single dive. At this dive site, it is very easy to feel like you are in an aquarium with the amount of wildlife surrounding you, from barracuda hunting from above down to the groupers lurking underneath the wreck.

During the dive, when you hear a high whissling sound, you know the submarine is near by. Out of safety all divers gather on top of one of the wrecks and show the tourists on board of the submarine their nicest faces. Not every day you dive with a more than 20 meter big tellow submarine.


Ceremona Mogan Wrecks Under the bow Mogan Wrecks Mogan Wrecks Mogan Wrecks Part of the Areganza Grunts  moray eel popping up Ceremona Ceremona The yellow submarine

Location and planning

You can discover Mogan Wrecks by boat for a boatride of about 25 minutes. The site is located in front of the pitoresk port of Mogan, at about 4.6 Nm (8.5Km) from Scuba Sur.

We dive the site in the morning. In the morning dives the site is often combined with dives such as Sailboat or Mogan Caves.