Embark on an exhilarating underwater adventure with our deep dive to a sailboat wreck at 33 meters. This captivating experience is tailored for experienced divers, unveiling the mysteries of the deep as you explore the haunting beauty of the sunken vessel. Discover the secrets of the depths in a dive reserved for the bold and adept.

Go down along the anker line and dive into the blue. After a while a shade appears, lying on the bottom. As you go deeper the contours of the wreck become clear and discover the hull of the lost sailboat. Lying majestically on the white sand, a memento of a lost dream, it is a beautiful spectacle. Large groups of snappers and grunts hide parts of the wreckage and make the sight magical.
Closer to the wreck, we see how the sea slowly decomposes this piece of aluminum. Meanwhile, it forms the habitat of a wide spectrum of large and small underwater life. Rays and angel sharks hide in the white sand, waiting for the right prey. An octopus hides under the trunk, a moray eel sticks its head out timidly.

The dream comes to an abrupt end as the bottom time indicates that it is time to begin the ascent. Slowly we ascend and see the wreck slowly disappearing into its surroundings. A dive not to forget.

Down to Sailboat At the helm Discovering the helm A long way up and down The moray eel having a peek Down to Sail Boat, a lost dream The Helm The helm of the sailboat

Location and planning

We dive at Sailboat by boat for a boatride of about 20 minutes. The site is located at about 3.22 Nm (6Km) from Scuba Sur.

We dive the site in the morning. In the morning dives the site is often combined with a shallow dives such as Bahia Lila or Arguineguin Reef.