Arguineguin Reef

Dive at Arguineguin Reef to see the many life making the vulcanic rocks their habitat.

Arguineguin Reef is located just outside the port of Arguineguin. The long streched vulcanic rock forms a reef easy to navigate.

You go down the anker line to discover the reef that lies on a sandy bottom. The rocky reef with its many cracks and openings forms the ideal hiding ground for a lot of species.  You will definitely spot the large number of trumpet fish that choose the reef as their nursery. In the many openings you will see quite a lot of muray ells, hiding till dark to go hunting.

Your trained eye easily spots the nests of the octopus living in and around the reef. Always look around as above you where you spot large groups of sardines and rancadores. Often baracuda overlook them looking for a snack.

When the current is right, the spot is ideal for doing drift dives!



Octopus hiding Arguineguin Reef Arguineguin Reef Stingrays Arguineguin Reef Arguineguin Reef Hiding in the fish

Location and planning

We dive at Arguineguin Reef by boat for a boatride of about 25 minutes. The site is located at about 1.6 Nm (1.9 Km) from Scuba Sur.

We dive the site mainly in the morning dives as part of the dual dives. The Arguineguin Reef dive site is typically combined with a dive at Artificial Reef, the Meteor or Pasito Blanco. If the afternoon boat only has certified divers planned, we occasionally do this dive also at 14:00.