The dive at Meteor is an easy wreck dive you all can enjoy. Although heavily damaged, it is the habitat of may sea creatures.

In 2003 a Russian hydrofoil called the “Meteor” sank in El Pajar. The wreck lies on a depth of 15 meters on a sandy bottom. It sank directly in front of the El Pajar cement factory. Seen the great wreck, dive boats blocked the access to the port supplying the factory. Therefore, the government destroyed the wreck to allow access to the factory port. As such, it broke in many pieces making the wreck into the habitat of many sea creatures. They hide in and under the several parts of debris.

You can find large shoals of barracudas, roncadoras, drum fish, sea bream, stingrays, electric rays, angel sharks, … Within the debris you will recognize pieces of ferry. Your fotos will show the rows of seat, the engines and the toilet.


 Meteor LIzard fishes
 a tire Meteor
 Easy to catch the light Rows of chairs<

Location and planning

We go to the Meteor by boat for a boatride of about 15 minutes . The site is located at about 2.6 Nm (5 Km) from Scuba Sur.

We dive the site only during the morning dives as part of the dual dives. The Meteor dive site is typically combined with a dive at Artificial Reef, Pasito Blanco or Arguineguin Reef.