Pasito Blanco – Natural Reef

When you dive at Pasito Blanco you will be amazed by its beauty and wildlife. The site is located in front of the harbour of Pasito Blanco in the south of the island.

You discover the large cigar-shaped rock in the middle of a nice white sandy sea floor. During the dive you need to explore all the nooks and crannies in order to see a whole variety of surprises. It is not uncommon to be greeted by the toothy smile of moray eels or spiny puffer fish awaiting nightfall. Roncadores or yellow snappers unsuccessfully try to go unnoticed as they team and mill around. A peacock worm demonstrates the beautiful and yet fragile nature of the reef environment.

Divers that dive at Pasito Blanco shouldn’t forget to look out into the “deep blue” as this is a zone where the pelagic fish pass by, such as the rapid tuna and maybe even a formidable amberjack.

Moray ells and Arrowhaed CrabsPasito BlancoStingrayAlso small encountersDive at Pasito Blanco

Location and planning

We go to Pasito Blanco Natural Reef by boat for a boatride of about 25 minutes . The site is located at about 5 Nm (9.26 Km) from Scuba Sur.

We dive the site only during the morning dives as part of the dual dives. The Pasito Blanco dive site is typically combined with a dive at Artificial Reef, the Meteor or Arguineguin Reef.