Bahia Lila

Discover Bahia Lila, the Scuba Sur house reef. Most of our trainees have completed their Open Water courses here. Thanks to the landscape, everyone can enjoy the dive.

A splendid bleu anemone, always with cleaning shrimps around it, gave the name to the dive sites. It sits directly at the start of an underwater wall, a hiding place for a large group of trumpet fish. Don’t be surprised to find many more anemones around.

With depts varying from 5 to 15 meters, the site is accessible to for dive levels. It guarantees a long and relaxing experience. Here you find a long-rugged wall with small caverns along the bottom. It is the home of many starfish, scorpion fish, parrotfish, trumpet fish, cardinal fish, wrasse, damselfish and many more. An occasionally encounter with a turtle is possible.

The site is ideal for divers re-entering after a period of inactivity as well as for trainees finalizing the Open Water course. Thanks to the natural formation and the protected bay it is also the ideal spot for the introduction divers discovering scuba for the first time. The christal clear water guarantees snorkelers a great exploration ground.

The Lila Anemony that gave the site its name.  Cought by surprise  I want on the picture with the turtle Bahia Lila has lots of places for wildlife to hide The Bahia Lila swimthough An other of the nmmany anenomies around Anenomies Bahia Lila


Location and planning

Our housereef Bahia Lila is only 5 minutes away by boat. The site is located at about 0.5 Nm (1Km) from Scuba Sur. Seen the frequent visits we installed a fixed moring line. This facilitates the mooring as well as the descent and ascent for novice divers.

We dive the site mainly in the afternoon. Certified divers are joined by Open Water courses, snorkelers and introduction divers. Occasionally the site is visited in the morning as a complement to a deeper dive such as the Sailboot.