Why do you want to work in the diving industry?

Most people are convinced that becoming a dive instructor and work in the industry is only about the adventure in your life, working in exotic destinations and earning lots of money. Well, the truth is a bit different.

Not sure we were the only ones being convinced this was not the only thing, we have been talked to a lot of dive instructors and divemasters, both experienced and just certified ones. Indeed we came up with a bit of a different story. It’s true that the adventurous life and the exotic locations play a role when going for a career in the diving industry, but it just does not stop there. Most guys and girls we talked to all agreed that sharing and transferring your passion for diving is much more important than the adventure.

The smile on the student’s faces, the great feedback at certification, the compliments from divers and the great stories told at the end of the holidays, that’s what makes our days.

Just to give you a small story illustrating the feeling….

In the center we organise try-dives in the pool on a daily basis. The aim is to let non-divers experience the feeling of freedom under the water, breathing, finning and the sense of being weightless. In order to make this often first time experience something special, we organise some show around it involving friends and family.

A few weeks ago, we were quite busy with a large group of youngsters wanting to give it a try. Whilst the dive instructors were in the water, we had a chat with a somewhat older man who seemed nervous but interested in trying. The 70-year old was a swimmer but never in his life tried snorkelling or scuba diving. Seen his age he was quite nervous about trying. In the first go we explained exactly what was going to happen and assured him that we take all necessary measures to make it a fun but safe experience. Finally he decided to hit the water and guess…. He came out with the biggest smile on his face ever seen. At the end of his holidays he came to see us, thank us again and asked for the possibilities of going for the PADI Scuba Diver certification. Finally he left from the island giving us all a big hug and Anita even got some kisses!

This small anecdote exactly illustrates why we want to make diving our way of life!