Marine Life – Rays and Sharks

Discover the Rays and sharks in Gran Canaria

The ray and the shark are Vertibrates but they are an important part of the marine life in Gran Canaria. You can spot all the different species of rays throughout the year .

In specific periods, mainly during the breathing season, the presence of sharks is fantastic.



RedPROMAR  is a Marine Life Observers Network is formed by people and entities committed to the conservation and knowledge of marine life in the Macaronesian Region, and who are also interested in scientific disclosure and marine citizen science. The organisation has a platform for recording information about biodiversity that facilitates the monitoring and surveillance of marine life. Thanks to its observers and partner entities, it operates as an early warning system that provides updated information on the health of the sea and changes occurring in ecosystems. The organisation is also a direct communication channel between citizens, public authorities and the scientific community, as well as a means to allow citizens to learn about the sea, promoting their respect and care.

Scuba Sur participates in sigthing reports for rays and sharks. On the RedPROMAR website you can find the full datails of rays and sharks in Gran Canaris. The RedPROMAR site is available is Spanish and English.

Angle Shark Project

The IUCN has assessed the angelshark as Critically Endangered because their population declines. Also they suffer from the ongoing threat from demersal fisheries.
As a resuly organisations such as  the Angelshark Project work in the preservation and the re-introduction of the angleshark. Having the ocean as our office, Scuba Sur actively participates in reporting sigtings of the shark during the shark season, typically between end of october till end of february.