Common eagle ray

Shy but gracious, meet the common eagle ray

The gracious appearance of the common eagle ray always has an amazing effect on divers. Slowly appearing out of the blue, elegantly gliding through the water and disappearing in the open ocean, it always leaves you with a humble feeling.
Common Eagle Ray

If you catch one enjoying its meal, it will hurry to swim away, as besides gracious, they are very shy.

How to recognize a common eagle ray?

The common eagle ray is a very majestic swimmer that can reach up to 180cm in length. Its body is diamond shaped and is less than half of its total length. It is easy to recognize with its round snout that resembles the one of a fox and a long thin tail.
The dorsal surface is brown or black while the ventral surface is white.

Scuba Diving

The Common Eagle ray lives in the eastern Atlantic Ocean in depths ranging between 0 and 500m, but is most often found above the 50m depth.

Common Eagle Ray
When you spot it, enjoy is. As they are very shy, they will swim off as fast as possible when detecting divers in the water.
Do not mistake them with the Bull Ray, similarly shaped but with a bigger snout and a striped back. The Bull ray is not shy at all and will come closer to investigate who you are.

The common eagle ray diet

You will find the Common Stingray excavating the seabed in order to find crustaceans. Occasionally it will also feed on worms and small fishes.

Some Science

SpeciesMyliobatis aquila

More Information

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