Think twice when you state diving is expensive

People think that diving and getting a diving license costs a lot of money…. Correct ? Hmm, I don´t think so.
Let´s compare it with getting a car driving license. After all, what is the difference ? You take it once and then it is valid for the rest of your life all over the world.
In most cases, you pay an average of 50€ per hour for the practical driving lessons and then you need to add about 200€ for the theoretical sessions plus an examination fee of +/- 150€. You easily need some 20 hours of practice so the final bill will add up to +/- 1350€. I know this is an average and there are cheaper/more expensive options but we have to have some point of reference !
Once you have your driving license, you have to keep practicing. So you need a car ! Of course there is the mum-and-dad-car but they need it (of course) whenever you want it. Better to get your own one…. A new one is much too expensive so you opt for a second-hand one. You want a nice, cool and reliable car so you spend at least 4000€. And then you need a yearly insurance (average 400€ ?), you pay yearly taxes, you need fuel (average 1€ per liter),……. Got the picture ?

Now let’s look at a scuba diving license. On average you pay about 400€. This includes the theory, the practical sessions and the examination/certification fee. If you really want to become a good diver, you spend at least 12 hours in the water. So you pay roughly 25€ per hour.
Once you have your diving license, you have to keep practicing. So you need your own gear ! OK, nothing fancy because diving is expensive, isn´t it. Let’s buy everything second hand. If you are really lucky, you can have a wetsuit, BCD, regulator, mask, snorkel, fins, weights and tank for +/- 1000€.
And then you need a yearly insurance (average 50€ ?) and you need to fill your tank (average 5€ per filling). No taxes !
But you can of course opt to rent everything from the dive center. Why should you spend over 1000€ if you can rent full equipment for +/- 10€ per dive ?
Now I hear you think…. Wait a minute ! I need to pay +/- 40€ per dive all equipment included ! That is right but have you ever thought what this price includes ? It includes the transport to and from the dive site (whether it be by car and/or boat), the equipment hire, the tank filling, the salary of the driver/captain, the salary of the guide, the depreciation, maintenance and insurance of the car/boat, maintenance of the diving equipment and compressor, rent of storage room/shop, electricity, water (you do want a clean wetsuit !), liability insurance, availability of decompression chamber, office supplies (computer, printer, website, internet, telephone,…….) and I am sure I am forgetting many other things.
So please think twice stating diving and getting a diving license is expensive….