Dive SSI Course prices

SSIStandard Price
Try Scuba DivingBook nowMore info 75,00
Scuba DiverBook nowMore info 215,00
Open Water DiverBook nowMore info 360,00
Advanced AdventurerBook nowMore info 285,00
Deep DivingBook nowMore info 170,00
Diver Stress & RescueBook nowMore info 360,00
Dry Suit DiverBook nowMore info 170,00
Enriched Air Nitrox (EANx)Book nowMore info 75,00
NavigationBook nowMore info 120,00
Night & Limited VisibilityBook nowMore info 150,00
Perfect BouyancyBook nowMore info 120,00
React RightBook nowMore info 160,00
Science of DivingBook nowMore info 120,00
Search and RecoveryBook nowMore info 170,00
Waves, Tides & CurrentsBook nowMore info 120,00
Wreck DivingBook nowMore info 120,00
Dive GuideBook nowMore info 360,00
SSI Certification FeeStandard Price
SSI Certification FeeContact us(Only onsite booking)  45,00