SSI Diving Courses

Our SSI team is waiting to take you on your journey through the wonderful underwater world. Join us to start or continue your SSI diving roadmap.

Note that for each SSI  course you will need to complete some theoretical sessions. Within SSI all courses are provided through the my.DiveSSI (via WEB interface or Mobile App). Our instructors are always ready in stand-by in case you have questions. Prior to the certification you will complete a written exam (multiple choice) in our dive center.

Open Water Diver
Advanced AdventurerEnriched Air NitroxReact Right
Deep DivingNight & Limited visibilityDiver Stress & Rescue
Dry Suit DivingSearch & RecoveryScience of Diving
NavigationWaves Tides & Currents
Perfect BouyancyWreck DivingDive Guide

If you have any questions, contact our office or check the Dive SSI Website