Snorkeling and Freediving

Snorkeling and freediving, a unique experience of freedom in and under the water. Ready to discover?

Snorkeling Trips

The South of Gran Canaria offers a great snorkeling experience. Scuba Sur Diving Gran Canaria offers snorkeling trips to different locations close to the shore. For all snorkeling trips, we will provide you with all the gear you need to make it a great experience and we make sure we have an experienced guide in the water. He will show you around the site and will offer you all the support you require. So if you never snorkeled before, this is a great opportunity to get into it and start discovering the great underwater world.



If you are looking for something a bit more challenging, our Freediving offer might be something for you.

Freediving is all about  discipline and control. Exploring the underwater world at your own pace and staying down as long as your breath allows is a great experience. By following the Freediver course we will teach you the right techniques how to do this is a safe and controlled matter. Please note you do not need to be an athlete, but some good physical condition is required.

Scuba Sur Diving Gran Canaria provides Freediving every Tuesday and Wednesday. Please contact our centre to check availability. On demand and depending on availability, we can organize Freediving on other days.

Introduction to Freediving

After a short briefing, you will be introduced to relaxation and breath holding techniques. Afterwards we take you to shallow water to practice what you have learned. Finally you will do some descents to a depth of up to 6m in order to experience the real thing.

Level 1 Freediving course

In this course you learn the basics of the Freediving sport, the respiration techniques and the safety and rescue procedures. This allows you to start your Freediving experience in confined and open water.

The course contains:

  • 4 theoretical sessions
  • 1 session in confined water
  • 1 session in open water to 10m
  • 1 respiration and relaxation session

The course is accessible as from the age of 14.

Level 2 Freediving course

Extend your competences in Freediving in order to extend your diving range.

The course contains:

  • 6 theoretical sessions
  • 2 sessions in confined water
  • 2 sessions in open water to 18m
  • 1 respiration and relaxation session

The course is accessible as from the age of 14

Level 3 Freediving course

Become an expert in Freediving and go for the ultimate certification. By using the right compensation techniques you are able to extend your diving range and depths.

The course contains:

  • 5 theoretical sessions
  • 2 sessions in confined water
  • 3 sessions in open water to 25m
  • 1 respiration and relaxation session

The course is accessible as from the age of 16

Freediving Practice

As a certified freediver you can join our Freediving Practice sessions. Depending on the qualifications and experience of the divers on board, we adapt our dive site in order to allow all of you to enjoy Freediving in a safe and fun environment.