Scuba Review

If you have not been diving for a while (typically 6 to 12 months), you might have forgotten about the basic diving skills or are no longer comfortable when diving.

The Scuba Review program will help you regain confidence in your diving skills and will make you feel comfortable when being under water.

The program consists of 1 short review of the dive theory (A 10 min questionnaire just  to refresh, no possibility to fail) and 2 dives. The first dive is done from the beach and is focusing on getting comfortable with the dive equipment, dive skills and buoyancy. After the skills have been rehearsed, you will make a dive at the deeper end of the beach just to experience the buoyancy. After the beach dive we will take you for a dive from the boat. Here there will be no exercises, just fun…

For the 2 dives you will be in a small group with a dedicated guide or instructor. The refresher groups are limited to  2 divers to 1 guide. This should give you the comfort in re-entering the diving scene.