Diving in Gran Canaria

The Island Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria or the Canary Islands is an authentic paradise for sea lovers and divers. The water temperature (18° in winter and 22° for the rest of the year), sporting facilities and pleasure marina infrastructures, perfect sea and wind conditions are all favourable characteristics for great diving holidays through the entire year. In fact, watersports is the most important leisure component for the island.

The island’s 236 kilometres of coastline provides the best conditions for carrying out all kinds of nautical and water sports. Perfect winds for sailing, prevailing sea currents giving rise to large banks of fish close to the coast, and the amazing sea bed features are the region’s key natural advantages. This means that whilst the rest of Europe has to postpone their sea activities during the winter, Gran Canaria is a great sporting resort that is open all year round.

Scuba diving at Gran Canaria

There are endless scuba diving possibilities in Gran Canaria. The island surprises visitors with the biological and ecological wealth of its marine landscape and also for the variety and beauty of its underwater scenery originating from its volcanic origins.

The most interesting areas for diving can be found all around the Gran Canaria coastline, with many virgin coast locations. Our Dive Center and school allows you to participate in basic and advanced courses throughout the year, or join organised dive trips where equipment is provided. On a safety note, Gran Canaria also has a decompression chamber strategically located in the north of the island.