ITDA – eLearning

ITDA – eLearning

ITDA provides all course materials in an eBook format. This makes access to the materials as well as the logistics obtaining the course materials a very simple process.

In order to get prepared for your diving course, you can study all the theory on before hand. You can obtain the course materials by following means:

  • Contact Scuba Sur Diving Gran Canaria and we will organize the materials to be ordered and send to you
  • Go to the ITDA website ( and order you manual online

When coming to the centre to do your course, make sure to bring your registration code of the materials you ordered (or drop us an email with the code prior to coming to the centre), just to make sure we can check you completed the theory and to access the activation code to certify you.


Any questions, just contact us ( we will be happy to help you out!