Boat Introduction Dive – The first step

A boat introduction dive – Ready to give it a try?

Join us for an Boat Introduction Dive. You will make a dive as a pro, with all the gear. The instructor will assist you in every step of the excursion. After having dressed up, he will give you a full briefing on what is going to happen, how to communicate under water and what the safety and security measures are. Once fully briefed, you will join the boat, head out to the dive site and hit the water. No worries, the instructor will manage all the dive gear, the only things to do is breath, fin and enjoy!

  • This excursion does not require any theoretical training nor any license.
  • Duration of the excursion is about 2 hour of which about 25 minutes diving.
  • The dive is done from the boat with a maximal depth of about 10 mtrs (depending on the tide).
  • On request (if possible in the planning) an extra guide can join to take pictures under water (payable option)
  • Introduction dives from the boat are available as of the age of 12.
  • Paperwork needs to be completed prior to the dive. This is to be done in the Scuba Sur office at least 30 min. prior to the excursion

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