Diving as of 2020 (post COVID)

In 2020 COVID changed diving in the Canary Islands

The worldwide pandemic of Covid 19 has redefined the boundaries in which we can organize diving courses and excursions. In addition, Spain has reviewed its law regulating diving activities. As such 2020 marks a major change in how diving businesses are organised in the Canary Islands.

Legal obligations for Divers and dive centers

The Spanish government issued a Royal Decree, effective as of July 1, 2020, which regulates all recreational diving activities. This is what changes:

  • The minimum age for diving activities is 18 years, but from the age of 8 excursions and training can be provided within following depth limitations :
    • From 8 to 9 years old: depth limited to 6 meters.
    • From 10 to 11 years old: depth limited to 12 meters.
    • From 12 to 15 years old: depth limited to 21 meters.
    • From 16 years to 18 years: depth limited to 40 meters
  • All divers are required to carry full diving gear, including a dive computer, a cutting device, a surface marker buoy, and a sound signal for the surface.
  • A medical sign off will only be needed if you have a known condition or are not able to answer no to the questions on the Recreational Scuba Training Council questionnaire.

Scuba Sur Diving Gran Canaria has invested so that when you dive, all the equipment is available. Of course we encourage certified divers to bring their own equipment.


Diving safety and Covid-19

With the pandemic still in mind, as a dive center, Scuba Sur has implemented following safety protocol to allow you to enjoy our diving activities in safety

1Do not enter the Scuba Sur premises if you have any symptoms,which could be related to a COVID-19 infection. If you have a booking, just give us a call, we’ll easily adapt the planning.
Act responsible. If you have been in contact with people affected or potentially affected by COVID-19, please contact your physician before coming to our center.
2Maintain a safety distance of 1.50 m at all times, also in the water! You should also be able to put your equipment on and off without assistance. If needed, we will demonstrate how to do this.
3Buddy-Checks remain important before every dive, but must be carried out without touching each other’s equipment. Please do not breath through your alternative air-source during the check so it is virus free in case of an emergency.
4The boat crew will give you directions on how to apply the Covid-19 rules on the boat. Please pay attention during the safety briefings.
5Note that some areas are off limits to non-staff, please observe the signs
6At the center and during the transport to and from the dive location, wearing a protective mask is mandatory. We will provide individual containers to store your mask safely whilst diving. At the center and on the boat hand-gel will be  available, please use it regularly.
7To avoid contamination, you are strongly advised to use anti-fog spray for your mask as opposed to spitting in it. We will make spray available, but you’re free to bring your own.
8Once ready to commence your dive, keep your diving mask and your regulator or snorkel in at all times as it will protect both you and your fellow divers. When needing to communicate use hand signals.
9Only touch your own equipment! Disinfect your hands before and after dealing with your equipment at the surface. If you require assistance from staff members, they will always wear protective gloves and disinfect their hands before helping you.
10If you use your personal equipment, you will be responsible for rinsing it. For personal gear, it is mandatory to rinse your regulators, mask, snorkel and BCD oral inflator in disinfectant. The remaining equipment can be rinsed with fresh water only.
11Our staff will rinse all the rental equipment. We use several containers with special disinfectants for regulators and masks, as well as for all neoprene equipment.
12Note that diving with your own diving mask and regulator will significantly reduce any contamination risk.